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Security, Protection and Private Investigating


Justice Protection Services

Justice Protection Services has over 36 years experience in the industry. It services all domestic protection needs and more. The majority of JPS' agents have military, law enforcement, SWAT, and Special Forces experience. All of the agents are trained in physical safety, property protection, first aid, CPR, earthquake preparedness, and terrorism awareness. JPS is proud to employ a diverse team for which many are bilingual. (English, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, French)


Justice Private Investigations

JPI has agents on staff that have been working for decates on investigations for various branches of government and police. We stand by our results, and if there are no results, there are no charges.

JPS is unlike any other company you will employ. We treat our clients as family, and our priority at all times is to protect our family.

Our Team

With a college degree in Business Management and experience in various forms of martial arts he has successfully fused both entities into jobs in the customer service industry as well as the executive protection / physical security fields. Lei has taken on Executive Protection assigments both domesticall and abroad, yet has strong reputation for quality customer service, often times learning that many emergencies require both to respond efficiently. With over three decades of experience with hotel and event security, safety management and personal protection Lei is the ideal choice to handle the needs of your exclusive client list bringing hands on knowledge and customer care to every assignment.


Lei Mowatt

Client Liaison

Lead Protection Agent

Our senior investigator Pete Velasquez is a retired law enforcement officer with over 20 years of experience with the Inglewood Police Department. Pete's experience range from a Traffic and Background investigator assisting the District Attorney's Office to prosecuting Criminal Narcotic offenders. He has been a license Private investigator for over 26 years, working Counter surveillance, worker's compensation investigations, and criminal and civil litigations.


Pete Velasquez

Private Investigator

Security Agent Veteran police officer dedicated to saving lives, increasing community safety and decreasing crime rates. Over thirty years in law enforcement with two terms serving as metro team task force and leader. Fifteen years on SWAT team. Extensive conflict and crisis prevention training, including gang prevention activities assignment. Retired Westminster Police Department and Ex-Seargent in the Army.


Manh Ingwerson

Protection Agent

JPS - Standing by your side when it matters